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detox facial

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detox facial

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detox facial

Chantelle Day Spa

Pampering Maintenance Facial

Let us pamper you once a month
You will receive a deep cleansing facial with glycolic peel, steam, scrub, extractions, exfoliations, Vitamin C, paraffin ironing, facial massage, brow and/or lip wax and a warm four oil hand treatment.

(Value 158.00)
Every month $60.00
Every 2 months $65.00
Every 3 months$70.00

Works Maintenance Facial (up to 3 months)
(Value 225.00) for $89.00


First Time Client Introductory Offer
The works (on home page) (Value $225.00)
(75-90 min) $99.00
Deep Cleansing Facial
Cleansing, steam, scrub, sloughing of dead cells, extractions, mild gel scrub, and a masque.
(50-60 min) $65.00
Cleansing, steam, scrub extraction, salicylic acid, high frequency treatment and acne specialty masque.
(60 min) $65.00
Teen Acne Facial (35 min) $55.00
Monthly Teen Acne Facial (Follow up) (35 min) $45.00
Full Facial
Cleansing, sloughing dead cells, steam, scrub, extractions, paraffin, ironing, and a masque
(60-70 min) $75.00
Bio European Facial
Same as full facial plus papaya enzyme peel and face, neck, back of the neck and shoulder Massage and warm four oil hand treatment.
(75-90 min) $85.00
Men’s Deep Cleansing Facial
Deep pore cleansing, steam, scrub, extractions, face massage and a masque.
(60 min) $65.00
Head To Toe Facial
Deep cleansing, steam, sloughing of dead cells, scrub, extractions, paraffin ironing, massage on face, neck, back of the neck and shoulders, heated hand and foot collagen treatment, and OMEGA 3 masque.
(90 min) $90.00
Royal Treatment
Head to toe facial + Triple action vitamin C with Glycolic peel, Microdermabrasion, and Collagen eye treatment.
(105 min) $135.00
Triple Action Vitamin C (Anti Aging)
A complete antioxidant treatment for any type of skin, especially dry, sun damaged skin. Deep cleansing, vitamin C scrub, vitamin C serum, vitamin C masque, paraffin ironing and massage on face, neck, and shoulders. Also includes a warm four oil hand treatment.
(90 min) $95.00
Glycolic Acid Peel
Exfoliation of the skin’s outer layer dead cells.
(30 min) $65.00
Microdermabrasion with Crystals or Diamond Head
With light cleansing
(40 min) $90.00
New Wet Microdermabrasion with Mega dose of Peptide and Vitamin C
Deeper removal of outer layer skin’s dead cells, addressing brown spots, scars, uneven skin tone, ingrown hairs, softening wrinkles. This facial will be performed with steam on while exfoliating old, dry, dead cells with derma file, using mega dose of Peptide and Vitamin C Serum, infusing the anti-aging molecules into deeper layers of skin. In this resurfacing the depth of exfoliation in under control, due to manual performance.
(40 min) $95.00
Full Facial Aromatherapy Facial with Face Massage
Cleansing, Scrub, steam massage on face, neck, back of the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, lower legs and feet and a masque.
(1 hr) $85.00
Mini Aromatherapy Facial with Face Massage
Cleansing, scrub, steam massage on face, neck and shoulders, and a masque
(40 min) $65.00

Body Treatments

Full Body Glycolic Peel
Dry brush, some extractions on back if needed, application of 30% glycolic acid from neck down to toes. Dry brush again then applying leave on hydrating body masque. (must get ready before coming for the treatment.) Call for instructions.
(60 min) $120.00
Full Facial Back Cleaning with back massage
Steam, sloughing, scrub, extractions, glycolic peel, aromatherapy back massage and a specialty masque for breakouts.
(60 min) $80.00
Mini Back Cleaning
Steam, sloughing, scrub, extractions, glycolic or salicylic acid peel, a specialty Masque for breakouts, and High frequency. (Add to any facial 40.00)
(40 min) $55.00